Ewe venavi figure
Ghana and Togo
A very nice, older and finely carved venavi figure from the Ewe people of Ghana and Togo
7" tall
Wood, pigment

The Ewe, who live in southern Togo and Ghana are the eastern neighbors of Asante. They are probably best known for their textiles and also for small
wooden dolls called "venovi" or "venavi" which are used like the Yoruba people in Nigeria used Ibeji twin figurines, for protection of survivor after death
of a twin. Some scholars state that they are also used as children's dolls as well as sometimes used as fertility dolls by women who keep these dolls
under their mattresses or were worn under the skirts of young women to ensure fertility. Scarifications and added clothing and strings of beads reveal
family and clan religious and social affiliations.
References: ISN'T S/HE A DOLL
Rand African Art
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