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Educational Resources

Auctions, Exhibitions, and Tribal Art Shows

I just added a new page on my website "Auctions, Exhibitions and Tribal Arts Shows"...Check it out!
Sotheby's advanced search
Sotheby's changed their website in the past year so the links I previously had here don't work anymore.
You now have to subscribe (free) to their website to look at the SOLD LOT ARCHIVE and AUCTION RESULTS.

Go to
A great photographic resource on Mali
by Melissa Enderle
A great photographic resource
200 images of Mali
by Stephen Codrington
My favorite way to win an auction...
Click on the link below to sign up!!
Click on the logo above to go to the Stanford University African Art Portal
CLICK HERE to go to the website of Floros and Sigrid
Katsouros. Passionate collectors of African art and
especially of Lobi sculpture.
I love this site.
It is a subscription service, but it allows you to search through
auction results from various auction houses around the world. I
find it a great resource!

CLICK HERE to go to the Artfact main page
Click on the logo to the left to go to the Culture

It's an interesting website I came across with
lots of exhibition reviews from shows across
Europe, a calendar of upcoming exhibitions
around the world and much more. It's an
interesting site to check out!
Interesting site with a LOT of links to pictures and information on
African Art. Take some time to scroll down through the links and click
on a few. There are some interesting pictures of masks being
danced, images of items, maps of areas and much more...

CLICK HERE to go to the African Art resources
A really good site with a lot of great
reference materials and information
about the objects in his collection.
"Tribal, ritual, ethnic, ethnographic,
classical, traditional, antique, "primitive",
negro-art from black Africa"

Click on the image to the left to go to Paul  
Nieuwenhuysen's site with a lot of great links
and information on African Art
A fantastic publication that I highly recommend subscribing to. They
also have quite a few online articles.
Tribal Arts message board
Interesting posting site for Tribal Arts news, shows, etc.
African Arts is a quarterly journal devoted to
the plastic and graphic arts of Africa, broadly
defined to encompass sculpture in wood, metal,
ceramic, ivory, and stone, and less familiar
work in fiber, hide, mud, and other materials.
Included in this mandate are architecture, arts
of personal adornment, contemporary fine and
popular arts, and the arts of the Africa
diaspora. In addition, the journal encourages
dialogue on other forms of African expressive
culture: film, theater, dance, and music.

Click here to go to their Back Issues page
Tribal Art Forum
Tribal Art Forum, dedicated to tribal arts of the world, where collectors can
share their enthusiasm for these beautiful, magical objects.

Check out the essays and the discussion forums!

Click here to go to the Tribal Art Forum home page.

I really love this site and I love the things that Sam Brown draws.
It's a fun diversion from every day life and worth checking out!
Caption -
Anyone can slay a dragon, he told
me, but try waking up every morning &
loving the world all over again.
That's what takes a real hero.

Come on in & imagine the world with
artist & storyteller

Brian Andreas

I love his artwork and stories
Moyo Okediji
Moyo Okediji is a good friend of mine, he is a professor of visual arts at the
University of Colorado at Denver and curator of African, African American,
and Oceanic arts at the Denver Art Museum as well as an accomplished
artist and author.
Moyo Ogundipe
CLICK HERE to go to Maigida Design Studios to see the
wonderful works of Moyo Ogundipe.
is a website currently under
development by my friend Lee
who is also the co-founder of
the African Arts and Culture
discussion group.

Lee is constantly working on
his site and adding new
information all the time. Check
back from time to time to see
the progress.
An interesting site. It contains photographs of artworks from various
cultures taken in different venues around the world by David S.

CLICK HERE or on the logo above to go to
Fragments of Africa

The website for a private collection of
African art, the "Suaga Collection", by
Andrew Turley.
"Known for their rich cultural traditions and ceremonial arts, the Bamiléké
people reside in western Cameroon. Funeral ceremonies are one of the
most important ceremonies for the Bamiléké people. In exploring this site,
it is our hope that you will gain a greater understanding of the Bamiléké
people and the importance of these ceremonies to their way of life."

CLICK HERE to go to the website
Reciprocal Links
A comprehensive list of galleries, artists and painters listed by type. Just click on the African Art
link from the main menu.

A fantastic resource!! Links to private collections, galleries, dealers, photos, museums,
discussion forums and much more!
Reciprocal Links

Africa and takes pride in providing excellent service and quality ethnographic and
tribal artifacts on line.
Artwork in different styles and media. Website offers a wide variety of features and services that
enable customers and artists to buy and sell art.
"Mr Monkey in

and the main page
Mr Monkey's

A fun website
showing photos of
someone's travels
through the eyes of
Mr Monkey.
Artsite Africa - An online guide to the art of Africa

This is a really great website, take some time to explore it. They keep a
current listing of exhibitions around the country and the world as well as
tons of links to various online resources.
Kofi Cole Art
"Kofi Cole is the nom de couteau (knife name) of an American historian of African art,  
Herbert M. Cole. Cole has recently transformed 40 years of studying the arts of  Africa
into a gallery of more than 100 miniature masks and figures. These small wood
carvings are remarkably true to their traditional African models. Each sculpture is
original, painstakingly carved and painted with fine detailing, and, although on average
only three inches long or tall, captures the essence of its prototype."

I recently met Herbert (Kofi) Cole and he is a very nice person and I really enjoyed
seeing his miniature pieces up close, they were great!
Enjoy your tour through Kofi Cole’s Gallery!

CLICK HERE to go to the Kofi Cole Art main page
Example of on of the miniature carvings
Example of on of the miniature carvings
Stanford University has put together a site with some of the most comprehensive sets of links to various topics on Africa that I have ever come across.

African Art related sites on the Internet (museums, galleries and much more)

Below is a link to the main page on the website where you can access all of the Internet resources
Over The Top Gallery
Bob & Karen Rizzo

A fantastic gallery in
Downtown Providence.
Great sculpture and abstract
Click on the picture to the
left to go to the website!
Bob's sculptures have many influences, but of course the one influence that
interested me the most are his sculptures with an African influence, especially
the Kongo nkisi influence.

Check out his
sculptures page, especially "The Spirits" and their description,
and I think you will be amazed on how wonderful they all are.
I purchased a piece from him this year called "The Collector".
Click here to go to the page on my site to see my figure. is a great African Art web portal that was put together by Galerie Walu
in Switzerland. It has lots of links to galleries, auctions and much more. Check it out!
"The Tribe of the white Warriors"
A photographic exhibit of tribal masks, but not your typical photographic exhibit...
This is an interesting portrayal of tribal masks on nude models.
It is very creative and worth a look. # 33 is my favorite!

In association with
Galerie Peter Herrmann (African Art)
Arts > Visual Arts > Native and Tribal > Africa

Click on the Google logo above to go to it's
directory of African links.
Web search
Looksmart is a great place to find
articles on just about anything.

Click on the Looksmart logo above
to go to the website and check it out
for yourself.

CLICK HERE to go to a search on
articles on African Art
Google is by far my favorite search engine
for information and photos on the Internet!
Click on the Google logo above to go to their
search page.

(search will open in a new window)
Also try for picture
searches! I just discovered them and I
think they are great!
CLICK HERE to go to the Columbia University Libraries African Studies page.
This page could keep you occupied for days and days.
It has a comprehensive set of links to all sorts of websites on a wide range of topics. - combining a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a web directory

The free online encyclopedia,
a great resource site!

CLICK HERE to see a sample section
of their African Art overview
Click on the logo above to go to the Yahoo small business web hosting page.

Yahoo is who I use to host my site. Prices are great and they have great tools like "Yahoo SiteBuilder" to help
you create your own site! I create and maintain this site with Yahoo SiteBuilder, it's awesome and easy to use!
They have also just upgraded the packages to give you 2 GB of storage space!
Click on the logo above to go to Yahoo's Web Hosting information page.
Click on the graphic to the left to
download Yahoo SiteBuilder.
The Museum for African Art has temporary offices and museum store in Long
Island City, Queens. We will be organizing exhibitions at various off-site
venues in Manhattan and in other cities around the country until we move into
our new permanent home on Museum Mile/Fifth Avenue and 110th Street in
2008(see What’s New, Exhibitions). In addition, we maintain a lively calendar
of events for all ages (see Public Programs) and a Museum Store that
showcases traditional African art and crafts in a stylish setting.
Four Museums in Cameroon
The museums of Bandjoun and Baham (West Cameroon),
Babungo and Mankon (North-West Cameroon) have been created
as part of the project “Training, protection of the artistic-cultural
heritage and development in Cameroon” by the Italian NGO COE,
Centro Orientamento Educativo, and co-financed by the Italian
Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Italian Bishops’ Conference and by
COE, with the participation of the local communities.

to go to the main page for the museums
American Museum of Natural History
African collection visual database

The AMNH has a very large African collection and the collection is
photographed and you can search by region and/or culture. It is a very
good visual reference and most of the collection dates to the late 19th
and early 20th century.
"Musée du Quai Branley opened it's doors in 2006. With a collection encompassing some 300,000 objects, 3,000 of which will be on permanent
exhibition, the new museum is a dynamic engine for cultural exchange, with a focus well beyond the simple display of artifacts."
CLICK HERE to go to the Cleveland
Museum of Art's African art collection
online database.
to go to the works from Africa, Oceania
and Americas main page to explore
exhibitions, publications and more
Click on the image above to go to the
Art and Oracle
main page
Collection Highlights
See one hundred specially selected
works of art.
to see my virtual tour of the African art collection
Click on the logo above to go to a FANTASTIC photographic archive from the National Museum of Natural
History Elisifon archives. The link in the logo above will take you to the search screen. You can also go to the  
to go to the "
Eliot Elisofon Photographic Archives " to see all of the different collections or you can click on the
Full Archives Catalog" to go to their search window. To search by cultural group click here.

What a
GREAT resource!