Links to various
African, Asian and Oceanic art galleries
I am working on this page when I have time or when I come across an interesting gallery. My favorite links page was starting to get too full so I decided to start this
page with links to only gallery sites.
Most of the galleries on this page are galleries that I personally enjoy.
I won't link to a gallery that I think severely mis-represents the objects they sell.

If you have a gallery and want to be mentioned on this page,
send me an email.

If there is only a logo and not a link, just click on the logo to go to the website for the gallery.

I have also just added to my site a page with a list of current and future - Auctions, Exhibitions and Tribal Arts Shows from around the world.
CLICK HERE to check it out!
Hamill Gallery of African Art
Bobbi and Tim Hamill are great people!
They probably have the most in-depth African art gallery on the Internet.

Also, be sure to check out their
Of Special Interest page.
Click on the Galerie Walu logo to go
to the gallery site. They just did a lot
of redesign and the site looks
The Calverton Collection of African

A wonderful site dedicated to an
extensive collection of headrests in
South Africa.
launched January 1st 2008!
Jacaranda Tribal
Traditional arts of South and East Africa.
Africa Direct
"African art, Australian Aboriginal art,
Native American art and Arctic art
at Aboriginals:Art of the First Person.
Sanibel Island FL."

Tribal Artery BLOG
"Offering timely and informative notices
about the world of Tribal Art, it's creators
and collectors, along with subjects of
related interest to collectors and artists."
Brightpath is an on line gallery of Art and Artifacts from African,
Asian and Precolumbian cultures, as well as Religious Objects from
around the World.

Click here to go to the site.
"I spend half of my life travelling
through Africa, covering thousands of
miles to buy items, and the other half
selling them from my warehouse of
Madrid, Spain." - Jose Ortega

Jose Ortega has a nice website filled
with lots of objects and photos of
people from his
travels to Africa.

CLICK HERE to go to his website.
If you inquire about an object, tell him
you heard about him through my site!
Click on the logo above to go to
Marc is a great guy with a great website and a lot of fantastic items!
Joy Christie's Gallery
Dallas, TX
A really good site with a lot of great
reference materials and information
about the objects in his collection.
John Tenney-Tribal Art
Hemingway African Gallery
Click on the logo to go to a web site by
Marcello Lattari  with lots of pictures
and information!
Click on the image above to go to the website of Francois Lucet.
He is a fellow African Art collector and a great artist with an
impressive background.
For a very comprehensive list of links to African, Oceanic and other galleries click
on the link below. It has a LOT of links.
A site that runs auctions
on a periodic basic with
some really nice objects.
Louis Collins books has a nice selection of Tribal Art books.
A terrific gallery for Shona stone sculpture.
Masks of the World - Bob Ibold.
Tribal explorer - A site with a lot of good links to galleries etc.
Stanford University has put together a site with some of the most comprehensive sets of links to various topics on Africa that I have ever come across.

African Art related sites on the Internet (museums, galleries and much more)

Below is a link to the main page on the website where you can access all of the Internet resources
Finch & Co

A nice website with
some very nice
objects for sale from
various cultures.
CLICK HERE or on the logo above to go to
Antonio and Ana Casanovas own the gallery "Arte Y Ritual" in Madrid Spain.  Antonio is considered by many to be the preeminent dealer in the field of
tribal art today.  He earned his reputation by selling significant pieces of the highest quality possible.  He is also known for buying and selling fine objects
at extraordinary prices.
Click on the logo above to go to their website.

CLICK HERE to read an exclusive interview with Antonio Casanovas done by Michael Auliso
John Graham is a very talented artist and also has a nice selection of tribal art.
Make sure and check out his paintings and sculpture that he does himself.
Click on the link below to go to his website:
Owner Bryan Reeves and his colleague Behrouz Behnejah, have over 20
years experience of travelling and collecting African art, both in the UK
and abroad. They have a FANTASTIC selection of unique objects mainly
from South and East Africa. A few things are on their website, but contact
them if you are looking for something specific.

CLICK HERE to go to the Tribal Gathering London website
I met the Flak family at the 2006 San Francisco Tribal and Textile Art show, they are very nice people and I really enjoyed talking with them at the show.
Above left is Julien Flak and to the right are Edith and Roland Flak. They have been in the Tribal Art business for over 15 years and their son Julien got
into the family business about 4 or 5 years ago. (Photos by Michael Auliso with
Galerie Flak in Paris
African, Oceanic and American Indian
A very nice gallery of art from many areas in Gent, Belgium. CLICK HERE or on the logo above to go to the gallery website.
Owen Hargreaves - African Tribal Art - London
Tribal Earth Gallery
Tribal Art and Australian Aboriginal paintings
Click on the Hacienda Gallery
logo above to go to the website.
Gallerie Nimba

Virtual tour of the gallery
Zena Kruzick Tribal Art
Click on the images above to go to the Atergo Gallery web site
Douglas Yaney Gallery
African, Haitian and Pre-Columbian art
CLICK HERE to go to the website for
Dave from Gallery DeRoche
Axis Gallery is a great gallery with
a focus on South African art and
Bruce Frank Primitive Art
Longhouse Gallery
presents cultural artworks of
extraordinary artistic richness
from the artists of Kalimantan,
and the islands of Sumatra,
Sulawesi and Timor.
James Barker is a field collector and private dealer of traditional Southeast
Asian art, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has collected material for 20
years; and specializes in sculpture, textiles, basketry, beadwork, and
Ancestral Images

Ancient, Tribal and
Ethnographic Art
A gallery in Los Angeles that has a
very nice selection of items.

or on the logo to go to the website
Gallery specializing in the tribal art of Borneo.
They have some good online publications on their website that are
worth checking out. is the gallery for Erik Farrow in California
Quality authentic antique tribal weapons, art, swords, and shields
from Indonesia, The Philippines, Africa, Oceania, Asia and the Americas