Very basic definitions
BATEBA - Generally in literature on the Lobi the term "bateba" translates to a "wooden carved figure"
BATEBA PHUWE  - Normal or ordinary Bateba
BATEBA Tl  BALA - Unusual or extraordinary Bateba (sub categories - Dokra <janus figure>, Betise <mating couple>, maternity figures)
BATEBA Tl PUO / DUNTUNDARA  - Dangerous Bateba
BATEBA  BAMBAR - Paralysed Bateba
CLICK HERE to go to Ethnographika, the website of the collection of Floros and Sigrid Katsouros, passionate collectors, especially of Lobi objects.

"We've been art collectors for over thirty years. In the last 10 years, however, we've concentrated on African art, and in particular on the sculptures of
the Lobi, a tribe living in Burkina Faso.

In 2002 we published our first study of some anonymous Lobi sculptors under the title "LOBI Skulpturen aus der Kollektion Floros und Sigrid Katsouros".

Our intention in documenting these works was to identify some of these anonymous sculptors. We also hoped to establish contact with other collectors.

Both these aims were achieved. Our publication aroused considerable interest among collectors; and we were able to make many interesting new
contacts. Motivated by this, we are continuing our work and preparing a new publication on the anonymous Lobi sculptors.

By means of this website we hope to reach out to other collectors of Lobi Art.

We also want to declare our commercial interest in African art in general and in Lobi in particular."