The African Arts & Culture Discussion Group
Great of Fake: Discovering African Art

Fellow African art collector Lee Rubinstein and myself launched a discussion group on African art and culture on March 1st, 2005.
Our aim was for this group to be a place where collectors of all levels can freely ask questions, share knowledge and experiences and
hopefully learn a little in the process.

We had a good run, but when Yahoo decided to close out its Groups function in 2020 that was the end of the group.

Facebook brought a new form of groups to the Internet and allows people to interact in a much more real-time way and one of my favorite
groups on there is the "Great or Fake: Discovering African Art" group.

It's a great place for discussion and learning. If you have an object you're wondering about I would suggest joining the group and posting
photos and questions about your object.

CLICK HERE to go to the main page for the group to join, or go to Facebook and search for "Great or Fake: Discovering African Art"

I think you'll find it a good place to interact with other collectors and a good place to learn.
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