The links below contain lists of upcoming African, Asian, American Indian, Northwest Coast Indian and
Oceanic auctions, shows / fairs, exhibitions, online image and articles reference sites and more from
around the globe
I wanted to create a simple, organized, easy to access list that will hopefully be useful for collectors.
It's hard to keep on top of them all, but as I come across them I will post links and information to this page.

All content that was previously on this page has been broken into different sections based on content.
If you are looking for on the auctions section below, if you are looking for on the exhibitions section below, etc.

With everything going on this year I am VERY behind on the Auctions and Exhibitions and Tribal Arts Fairs sections but hope to get it up to date and
keep it current going forward. RAND
Links to Auctions for African, Oceanic, Asian, American Indian art
Links to various museum and other exhibitions from around the world that deal with African art, Oceanic art, American Indian art and more
Links to a list of various Tribal and American Indian art shows around the world
Links to various online image and article resources that deal with African, Oceanic, American Indian art