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The activities taking place in June in Brussels next month should prove to be very exciting!

I am very fortunate this year to be able to go to BRUNEAF for my first time. It's held in Brussels from June 6th-10th. I'll be traveling with with Bobbi and
Tim Hamill and staying at the Jolly Hotel Du Grand Sablon which is right in the middle of all of the gallery spaces for this event. BRUNEAF is one of the
oldest Tribal art fairs in the world.

Last year the Brussels Non European Art Fair (BRUNEAF) had quite a bit of competition to deal with in Paris at the same time with the opening of the
Musee du Quai Branly and the Verite auction, but this year the spotlight has pointed back to Brussels.

Alain de Monbrison, the Paris dealer who recently sold the $1 (+/-) million Benin bronze head to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and was one of the
experts for the
Verite sale in Paris last year,  is putting his golden touch on an auction that is taking place this year in Brussels during the same time as

Pierre Bergé & associés will host the auction of African, Oceanic, Asian and American Indian art as well as some
Walker Evans photographs on June
7th at Salle des Beaux-Arts , Place du Grand Sablon 40 - 1000 Brussels. Alain de Monbrsion and Pierre Amrouche will be the experts for the African
and Oceanic art for this auction, just as they were for the Verite sale last year. Public viewing of the auction offerings in Brussels : Friday June 1 to
Wednesday June 6 (10am-6pm)  and Thursday June 7 (10am-3pm) with the sale to take place on June 7th, the day before the
Sotheby's African and
Oceanic auction in Paris.

Link below to the PDF catalog for the auction (very large file - 6MB! - but very nice). African art starts on page 60 of the 250 page catalog.

Pierre Berge website:

The Brussels Non European Art Fair (BRUNEAF) opens on June 6th and runs through June 10th. (Photos and text reviews of last year's event click
here. Photos and review from 2005 event CLICK HERE) This year the show will feature an exciting exhibit of objects from the collection of Jean Willy
Mestach which will run from June 6th to June 29th at the Salle des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. There will be an exhibition catalog published as well.
HERE to read an interview with Willy Mestach that was done by Ryann Willis.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to go to Brussels this year for my first time to go to BRUNEAF. I plan to go to all of the events taking place in
Brussels that I've mentioned above, and also plan to do a photographic virtual tour of the events just as I did for
Parcours des mondes in Paris last
year. I'll also be visiting the Royal Museum for Central Africa (aka
Tervuren Museum) while I am in Brussels, they have a fantastic temporary exhibition
African headdresses that I'm excited to see while I'm there.

I'm starting my trip out in Amsterdam from June 2nd - 4th and plan to meet with a few collectors there and I'm excited to visit the
Tropenmuseum which
comes highly recommended and I also plan to visit Beadux Arts (Dr. Jan Baptist Bedaux) in Utrecht, which is just outside of Amsterdam, to see their
exhibition on Seunfo art. Then I head to Lille France on the 4th to meet with a few collector/dealers before coming back to Brussels on the 5th to
preview the auction and attend the private viewing of the Mestach exhibition. If you're going to be in Brussels this year and would like to try and meet up
just send me an


To see additional information on the exhibition from the Mestach collection - CLICK HERE