African puppets
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A few online resources and some galleries that have some puppets

CLICK HERE to go to the website of Elisabeth den Otter.
She has done field research in Mali and has some good information and photos on her site.

CLICK HERE to go to the website for the Brighton and Hove Museum to see the photos, video and information on Bamana puppets.

CLICK HERE to go to the website for the Niger River Festival in Segou to learn more about it and see lots of great photos from the festival.

Elisabeth den Otter - The FANTASTIC website of Elizabeth den Otter covering puppet traditions around the world
She is currently researching the puppet traditions in Mali and I hope to travel to Mali to meet her in 2008 if I make it to the Niger River Festival!
Lots of great articles and photos and she also sells some DVD's

CLICK HERE to go to the main exhibition for the Hamill Gallery's "PAINT!" exhibition which featured many African puppets

CLICK HERE to go to the Albert Loeb Gallery website to see their collection of African puppets

Conservatory of Puppetry Arts in California

Bamana main page

Examples of Ibibio puppets
Dadyè kun
"Head of the antelope"
NEW house photos

The link above will take you to my FLICKR
photo page to see some photos I took of my
new place in Boston (in a new window). You
can see a lot of my puppets displayed in the
photos of my house.