My "Bungled Jungle" collection
The Bungled Jungle is "Earth's exclusive dealer in other worldly creatures"

I first met Pat and Suzanne, the creators of the Bungled Jungle about 14 or so years ago and I bought a
couple of pre historic looking fish heads from them to give to people as gifts. I would see them at different art
shows that came through Denver from time to time and didn't really get interested in collecting their stuff until
I moved to Ft Collins Colorado where they lived and made their creatures.

I saw a really large rhino head and thought that some day I would own one. I had purchased several smaller
pieces from them over the years but it wasn't until about 5 years ago that I went to their open house and
found my first big piece...the "Sabre tooth woolly rhino". Ever since then I've bought a big piece from them
almost every year ,until the African art addiction started eating into my budget and I started running out of
wall space!

Pat and Suzanne are great people and I know that their creatures are a little strange, but you have to know
them I think to fully appreciate their art!

Here is a link to their web site, it lists the upcoming shows they will be at around the country.
Pat , me and Suzanne in 2002 in their gallery. They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet!
Pat and Suzanne in their new Arizona gallery
Below are a few of my Bungled Jungle creatures
My newest addition - Le dragon appelé "Sacre Bleu"
(The dragon named Sacre Bleu)
"Allie" "Dino" "Puff"
"Ripley II"
"Computer virus"

The Bungled Jungle is the collaborative effort of two silly people, Pat and Suzanne.  

Each sculpture is an original creation--no molds are used -- everything is one of a kind.  

The process starts with a metal/wood or plastic armature that is then built up with layers of rubber,
plastic, metal, plaster and clay...each piece will have approximately 13 separate materials interlayered.

It takes between 2 weeks to a month or more of daily dabbling to complete each sculpture--depending
on its size and complexity.  

Not only are these monsters/beasts and varmints lovely to look at, they also come with COMPLETE
DENTAL COVERAGE.... AND can be used as personal flotation devices in case of flooding.

CLICK HERE to go to the Bungled Jungle's website!