Dogon stool
A wonderful simple and small Dogon stool
7” high (18 cm) x 9” (23 cm) in diameter - wood and brass tacks

Dogon stools vary in complexity and design. Most often you will see Dogon stools with figures around the rim acting as supports between the upper and
lower platforms. These figures generally represent Dogon ancestors referred to as "Nommo" and were generally reserved for people of high status in
Dogon culture, like priests. They were used as symbols of authority.

This simple stool was most likely not used as a symbol of authority or prestige, it was most likely used as a stool as is evident by the patina of the wood.
Those with a post in the middle are linked with Dogon mythology: The seat represents heaven, the base represents the earth, and the post represents a
tree, linking the two.