Hemba / Luba stool

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SALE N07795  AUCTION DATE 17 May 02 10:15 AM.


LOT 142


estimate 25,000—50,000 USD
Lot Sold.  Hammer Price with Buyer's Premium:   23,900 USD


height 17 3/4in. 45.1cm.


standing on a fragmentary circular base, the two adorsed female figures with elaborate cicatrices at the abdomen and pendant breasts, the raised
muscular arms framing the forward-lilting heads and narrow faces with sensitively carved features, straight lips, pointed nose and almond-shaped dotted
eyes and wearing a backswept coiffure with a scalloped hairline, the broad flat hands supporting the concave seat; fine blackened patina.

Cf. Robbins and Nooter (1989: 471, figure 1210) for a very closely related Kusu male single-figure stool. The double-female composition here relates to
Luba stools where the presence of female figures is prevalent. However, stylistically the pouting mouth, elegant nose, dotted almond-shaped eyes,
articulation of the collar-bone and the broad hands with defined knuckles at the palm suggest closer affinities to the Kusu.  
A rare Hemba/Luba
double figure caryatid stool.

The fine,varied, dark patina and wear is
consistent with many years of use.

Original museum tag.

Origin:  Zaire

Height:  16.75 inches

Provenance:  Stuart J. Warkow,SMA Fathers
Missionary Museum,Titus Gallery.


Titus Gallery

Examples of male Hemba figures for reference