Indonesian objects
Male anadeo figure with outstretched arms - Flores Islands of Indonesia
7" tall
Ex Christian Silvian collection, France

From the initial research I have done, I came across the Tau Tau figures of Borneo that had the similar hand gesture that this
figure does. The Tau Tau figures were used in burial ceremonies (they are fascinating to read about and see photos of). This
figure is very small and I am still researching it's possible meaning. I think it is a really wonderful little figure with a great
character to it and I love it.

"Anadeo", from what I have read means ancestor or protector, so this statue may represent a small personal protection figure?
This image to the left was from the Hali Fair in London and the
caption under the photo read :

"Three anadeo (god) figures from the Island of Flores"

Each figure has outstretched arms, sort of similar to my 2 figures,
but these figures are much larger and it appears they were
attached to something else at the bottom of the statue.
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