Ivory bangle
African ivory is reputed to be the best in the world, it is harder than Indian ivory and takes a finer polish. Ivory used to be seen as a material of great
prestige and power, and as such has huge significance in the art of many areas of the world. Its value as an article of trade, its identification with the
elephant, and also its physical properties, has led to its prolific use within art, especially throughout the continent of Africa. Ivory is made up of
thousands upon thousands of minute tubes which run the length of the tusk. This composition is what gives ivory its extreme density and strength. When
fresh, these pores are filled with an oily substance, which makes carving easier

Newly cut African ivory is pale blonde in colour and fades when exposed to strong light. Conversely, if it is worn against the skin or frequently handled,
African ivory tends to take on a yellowish brown appearance, and the colour can also be changed by treatment with different substances. Ivory in African
art comes in a vast array of colours.

This beautiful ivory bangle (bracelet) has a rich yellowish brown appearance and the piece has great age cracks.
It is mounted on a custom stand which displays the piece extremely well.

Dimensions: 4" tall x 1" wide
center hold is about 2" wide x 2.5" wide, it will fit on a very small wrist
Photos of the piece in natural sunlight to give a better indication of color