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Miscellaneous photos
I like to snowboard and we get out hiking and camping quite a bit living in Colorado.
Below are just some random photos from various other things, starting out with some photos when I was young. I only put the photos from
when I was young and skipped through all of the ackward years...
A very early photo that my Mom put a few little captions on. My Dad is a veterinarian so I grew up in Raton New Mexico around horses and cattle and
just about every kind of creature, and I wore cowboy hats and big belt buckles until I learned better!
I now live in Boston but lived in Denver for about 19 years. I lived just East of the park in the photo.
A not so great photo of my Bonsai. It's a 36 year old Serissa "Thousand Star" that I have had for
nearly 10 years now. It was at a nursery and belonged to the owner and was not for sale, but I
managed to get him to sell it to me. My Bonsai has been a constant source of enjoyment for me.
Rafting the Arkansas River in Colorado, I am on the very left in the photo
Colorado Rockies - 1999/2000 (?)
Winter Park ski resort, Colorado - Spring 2005
Winter Park ski resort, Colorado - December 2005
Copper Mountain ski resort, Colorado  - 2001
Copper Mountain ski resort, Colorado
The top of Whistler/Blackcomb Mountain, British Columbia Canada - 2001
My Mom the nun - it's her alter ego
(and this one too)
My awesome Mom the clown.
(she will love me for putting this on here)
My Mom isn't actually a clown or a nun, she did learn to juggle and would often dress up as a clown for
various events in the town she lives in. The Nun is a Halloween character and she has shown up in her
nun outfit at other events besides Halloween and it has been very funny. She actually teaches elementry
school music in a small town in New Mexico and also teaches piano and guitar privately as well.
I took my Mom to Belize for her first trip out of the US
Paragliding over the Aspen Ski Resort in the summer, Aspen Colorado

Left is me doing a tandem flight and above top is the launch area on top of the mountain and the bottom photo is the ski area on top.
Hiking outside of Steamboat Springs Colorado
A photo of a taxi in NY from a recent trip that I did a little editing on
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