"Six man clock"
Gordon Bradt
Kinetico Studios
The clocks are highly polished and coated with clear lacquer.  The little men and the unique coiled gear train are
driven by an electric 4rpm synchronous motor, to keep accurate time.  

The Six Man Clock stands 9 inches tall.  All six men work away in realistic fashion, pushing and pulling various
levers and cranks, appearing to be driving the clock.

I bought my clock back in 1997, it was in a store display at Christmas time and all of the little men had Santa hats
on. It was one of the most unique things I had ever seen with the men working away turning the gears in the clock.

I don't operate it too much, I usually turn it on for people who are at the house that haven't seen it before.

The video and animation below may take a while to load depending on your Internet connection speed
Below you can see an animation I put together showing you the clock in
motion. The speed isn't accurate on the animation, it makes it all look a
little choppy but the figures in the clock actually move pretty smoothly.
The short video below "should" play automatically, but may not
play if you don't have the right plug in for your browser. If it has
stopped just press play on the player below to see it.
It shows a better representation of the movement of the clock
Click play (>) to see the video
If the video is not viewable you will be able to see the movement
of the clock, although choppy, to the right.
About Gordon Bradt

Gordon Bradt founded Kinetico Studios in 1972 after his first career in industry where he was Vice President of Engineering and
Product Management for Bell and Howell Company’s motion picture camera and projector consumer photo products, and then
President of their Audio Visual Products Group.  This experience with precision movie camera mechanisms is evident in his work.  
Here Gordon Bradt is pictured with his limited edition 6 foot Grandfather Clock, based on his Seven Man Pedestal Clock.
Above is his patent drawing of The Six Man Clock.

An inventor by nature, Bradt has also been awarded over 2 dozen U.S. patents in such diverse fields as auto loading tape
recorders, electric vehicles, musical instruments, film cartridges, and his kinetic art mechanisms.

Bradt’s first commercially successful series were his motorized kinetic Sports Figures.  Also very popular were limited editions like
the Water Clock, the Yes Man, and the Clock Junior.
Public Art by Gordon Bradt

This 15 foot tall version of Gordon Bradt’s Six Man Clock was built in 1991 to Bradt’s patented design on commission in Canada,
and erected in the Great Hall of Toronto’s International Airport Terminal.  A time capsule was installed in its base by the Toronto
Airport Commission.
Gordon Bradt constructed this 15 foot tall version (below) of the Seven Man Clock at Kinetico Studios in 1994 for installation in
Seattle’s Pacific Science Center.
To check out the website for Gordon Bradt and Kinetico Studios click on the link below, it will open in a new window.


If you're in the market for one of his unique clocks, ask Terry Brant who carries them in your area.
You can contact her through their website.
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