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Mark King
Mark King
Mark King is a highly talented and prolific artist in both subject matter and medium. As you can see on this page, he excels in bold palette knife
applications as well as the subtlties of pastels.

Born in Bombay, India of British parents in 1931, King was exposed to an artistic and cultural upbringing at a very early age. By the time he was
in his mid teens he had taken trips to the Himalayas to discover Buddhist paintings and sculptures, attended polo games in Afghanistan, studied
Persian paintings, architecture and poetry, not to mention Indian music and dance.

He graduated La Martiniere College in Calcutta in 1947, and extended his education in England by attending Bournemouth College of Arts in
1949, where he pursued painting, sculpture and developed a passion for the theatre and threatre design. Returning his focus primarily on art, in
1961 he moved to Paris and studied at Beauxs Arts and the Louvre.

By 1968 King felt the need to even further expand his horizons, which led him to America, where he still resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

"I don't think a painting should be completed. I try to create the impression that something is not there, allowing the viewer to fill in the details
from their own imagination and experience."

Since coming to America, King's work has found wide acceptance across the U.S. He maintains a demanding work schedule and is always
anxious to move on and explore new territory. A prolific artist, once he begins painting, King works quickly, producing two or three major works
each month. But ask him which of his many thoughtful, introspective images he enjoys the most, and Mark King tells you quite candidly: "The
next one."

King loves music; he is an accomplished cellist. Mark King says his study of music, archeology, anthropology, and botany increase his sensitivity
and understanding of art. His love and interest in Persian miniatures enlighten him about Eastern and Western philosophies. King believes they
influence his compositions, the mood of his paintings and graphics.

In addition to being a painter and an accomplished printmaker, King is an accomplished set designer for the theater and opera. He has been a
resident set designer in England and Scotland; at the Oxford Playhouse Theatre, the Bristol Old Vic Theatre, and the Scottish National Opera.
Mark King's art work is shown at USA Artexpo in New York, and California. His art is exhibited in galleries and in private and corporate collections
throughout the United States and Europe.
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