The new African art gallery and Oceanic art gallery in the Denver Art Museum expansion building
(the Frederic C. Hamilton Building)
opening October 7th, 2006

PAGE 2 of the virtual tour - the balance of the African art gallery and a few photos from the Oceanic gallery
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images of the African art collection at the Denver Art Museum

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Below are some of the objects that were located in the display above in the back of the gallery.
Top left - 2 cups, Wongo (I believe) on the left and Kuba on the right
Top right - Luba mboko (bowl bearer figure for divination)
Middle left - Kongo nkisi
Directly left - Kuba pipe
Directly above - Songye nkisi
Yoruba Shango staff
A Mende mask with an early collection date but to me it didn't appear
to have been used (my opinion). The artistry in the carving was nice.
A Wonderful painting by
Nigerian artist Moyo Ogundipe
LEFT - a Yaka mask
RIGHT - a Baga Banda mask
Egungun mask and costume. Egba Yoruba; Abeokuta, Nigeria.
Wood, pigment, fabric; 1.5m (61"). 1997.154.
Gift of Michael and Patricia Coronel and the Native Arts Acquisition Fund.
Photo on right - Denver Art Museum

"Families of the Egungun society honor their ancestors, specifically the ongoing presence and power of the deceased,
by sponsoring and performing annual and biennial masquerades. This mask is notable for its Janus aspect: a white
human face with vertical cheek marks is juxtaposed with a red human face with "hare" ears (visible behind the facing
head), a conical head projection, and horizontal cheek marks. Gelede societies west of Abeokuta consider the hare or
rabbit to be a nocturnal creature and therefore associated with witches."

They had this mask and costume mounted on a rotating pole so you could see it from all angles and "in motion" as it would have originally been.
Epa mask, Yoruba Nigeria,
Osamuko of Osi village ca 1920
wood, red pigment 112cm (Right - DAM photo)
"Mmau mask", Igbo, Nigeria
Image on the right - DAM photo
The few photos below are from the new "Joan and George Anderman Gallery of Oceanic Art" at the Denver Art
Museum. I apologize in advance that I don't have information for the objects in the photos, I'll add it soon.
A large (and nice in my opinion) Abelam male figure from New Guinea
A nice Maori lidded bowl
Besides the large fish shown above in this page, this figure was my
other favorite in the gallery.