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Kongo Nkisi and Nkondi figures
Archived topics
As you will see there has been a progression in the informational content of the different pages. The pages are
listed in the order they were published to my site.

The Fang style comparisons was my first page and the original content was lost and I recreated most of it in a new
page. Someday I will go in and add a little more information to it.

The Kota Mbulu Ngulu, Songye power figures, Moba and Bena Lulua pages were more recent pages and contain a
lot more information and reflect more of the style that I want to use going forward.
Kota mbulu ngulu figures

The experiment
I posted images of 22 Kota mbulu ngulu figures in a range of different styles and solicited
votes and comments from the members of the African Antiques Group, The Tribal Art Forum
and visitors to my website. I posted only pictures, with no additional information on the
pieces and let people judge for themselves what they thought about the pieces and if they
thought the pieces were authentic or not.

The figures were posted in two groups -
Page 1 had 17 figures and Page 2 had 5 figures.
Page 1 contained a little bit of information about the Kota people and the figures in general.

Click Here to go to Page 1 to see some general information and the 1st 17 figures.

Click Here to go to page 2 to see the remaining 5 figures

Click here to go to the RESULTS page

After you check out the information and all of the figures click below to go to the RESULTS
to see the information on each piece as well as the write up I did on this experiment.
Figure # 11
Figure # 8
Figure # 1
Figure # 17
Figure # 13
Figure # 7
Figure # 4
Figure # 9
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