House photos

The photos on this page are from my old apartment in an old building in downtown Denver.
I've moved into a new home since these photos were taken and photos of my new place are linked at the bottom of this page.

I really enjoyed the lighting and feel of the photos from my old place.

These photos were taken when I first started collecting, about 7 years ago, and MOST of
the pieces in the photographs are no longer in my collection, but I enjoy the photos anyway
and decided to leave them up.

Please note -The rhinoceros head in my living room in a fiberglass reproduction and not an actual rhino head.
Click on any picture to see larger version.
front hall
front hall
living room
living room Songye and rhino
living room
front hall
Baga snake
Senufo firespitters
Dining room
Songye Nkisi
Rhino and Tji Waras
Kuba masks
Bungled Jungle heads
living room
Mumeye and Elephant mask