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Bali elephant mask from Cameroon
Lega mask
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Bamana Boli
African maternity figures

Happy Mother's Day!
Kota mbulu ngulu figure
Moba tchitcheri figure
Lobi Bateba figure
Lega mask
Lega mask
Lega figure
LENGOLA ubanga nyama figure
LENGOLA ubanga nyama figure
Lobi bateba duntundara figure
Lobi bateba duntundara figure
Lobi bateba duntundara figure
Lobi bateba duntundara figure
Lobi bateba duntundara figure
Chokwe Chibinda Ilunga figure
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Kurumba adoné headdress
Senufo Kafigeledjo oracle figure
Lobi bateba duntundara figure
Lega figure `Kakulu ka Mpito'
Bali elephant mask - Cameroon
Baule Mbra monkey figure
Asanta akua'ba doll
Yoruba gelede mask
Bamana farmer and goat marionettes
Mumuye figure
Flores Islands maternity figure
CLICK HERE to see a wonderful collection of images from the book "The African Photographs"
from photographer George Roger.

CLICK HERE to go to a page to buy the book "George Roger - The African Photographs"

Many of the photos were originally published in the book "
Village of the Nubas"
The American Museum of Natural History has a fantastic searchable visual database of it's
African ethnographic collection. If you've never seen their website I recommend checking it out!

African Ethnographic Collection at the Museum dates to 1869, the year the Museum was
founded. The earliest collections were donated by or bought from missionaries; some material
was obtained from European museums, auction houses, or received as gifts. At the end of the
nineteenth century many explorers and travelers brought objects from Africa that were
acquired by the Museum. The African collection is extensive in terms of geographic coverage.
It includes North Africa, West Africa, and Madagascar, although its greatest concentration of
material is from central and southern Africa. The entire collection with over
37,000 objects is
available online.

Some additional resources on their website that are definitely worth checking out:
Collection History | Research and Projects | Photographs from Congo Expedition
| Library's Congo Website
Luba figural pipe
Lwena Pwevo mask
Flores Islands maternity figure Mumuye figure
Photographs by Daniel LAINÉ
It took Daniel Laine, three years (1988 - 1991) of effort and intense diplomatic steps to realize
this fantastic work. During this period, he was able to photograph 70 soverains, descendants
of the great African dynasties.
Bamana Sigi Kun puppet
Asanta Akua'ba doll
Something of interest... The Hamill Gallery's newest exhibition - YORUBA
October 7, 2006 - January 13, 2007 - Check out the fantastic Yoruba Egungun costumes!
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