Painting done by Stormy, who was at the time a 28 year old female bottlenose dolphin

Inset in the painting is my friend Shelly with Stormy doing this painting. This is one of Stormy's earlier paintings.

If you look at the purple in the middle and use your imagination it looks like a dolphin jumping in the water.

They first started out by giving the dolphins a paint brush with a set color on it and soon progressed to having the dolphins choose their
own brushes and colors. They did an exhibit in San Francisco and sold these paintings to help raise money for the care of the dolphins.

Shelly used to work with me in telecom after she had to give up being a dolphin trainer, and when she found out that my dream when I
was a kid growing up in New Mexico was to be a dolphin trainer, she came to work the next day and presented me with this painting.

It's one of the things in my entire collection that really holds a special place with me, I feel lucky to have it!
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Mexico where I swam with dolphins at
Dolphin Discovery in Isla Mujeres.
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