Marionette figures from the Nyamwezi people of Tanzania
These articulated figures with movable arms and legs are from the Nyamwezi people of Tanzania.
Figures depicting a male and female figure, like these below, were given as wedding gifts. Figures
like these were also used in funeral ceremonies, but the figures used in those ceremonies were
single figures.

I'm still researching these so I'll add more information as I come across it.
12 inches tall
wood, string and cloth

I thought these particular examples had great expressions to their faces
and that is initially what drew me to them.
Examples below for reference purposes
From the collection of the Fowler Museum of Cultural History

Labeled as "Nyamwezi" puppet figures
Wood, plant fiber
FMCH X95.21.1
The ones below are funny, they are from the collection of a friend of mine. When he was sent the
following pictures to me they made me laugh hysterically and I hope that others will also get the
same reaction I did. Look at the expression on the face of the female puppet in the photo at the
bottom, I think that is what made me laugh so hard.

The captions are my own, and are just what I thought of when I saw the photos.
"They meet........"
"After a few drinks......"
She thinks to herself - "Oh my, what have I done!?!"
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